Announcement of Barry Jennings Death, and Statement on his Life (English Style Ocarina Creator).

Written by Jerry Pollard (Friend and Ocarina collector) Released October 31, 2004.
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Died Saturday, August 28, 2004, about  ~8:30 AM Mean Greenwich time at a hospice in London, England, after a difficult struggle with cancer. His friends and brother were with him.

Born in England in 1940, Barry grew up chiefly in the midlands of England as well as spending the later periods in London (Ladbroke Grove).

Most recently Barry was recognized by peers as a world-renowned English Style Ocarina maker, a creative genius whose complex, brilliant and amazingly prolific body of work in English Ocarina development and a vast web site of  Ocarina knowledge earned him a place of prominence within the world Ocarina makers.

With some collections of his work at the Museum of Music (South Dakota U.S.A.), and countless references in publish papers, web sites, museums, universities, and private collections around the continent and the world.

Barry has been an inspiration to players, students, fellow artists, and so many others, through his Ocarina’s, his writings, his lectures, his teachings, and his work shop’s (London, Buffalo N.Y.) Most especially,Barry has been an enormous presence in the lives of all who knew him, "a giant among ocarina makers," as a friend said.

His great love for life and friends, and unending wonder at the world, the strength of his physical presence, the challenge of his mind, the integrity of his being, the light in his eyes, the amazing life-force that he was, will be a huge loss for all of us.

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Thank you Jerry Pollard  "I am looking for some of his works, please contact me if you are willing to give them up."
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