Cortes sent a large party of Aztec dancers and musicians to emperor Charles V to demonstrate the nature of Charles' new subjects from the New World.

In 1527 their performance for the court at Valladolid astounded everyone-a combination of 'X-files' and Busby Berkley-before a people with a very different tradition who were impressed with the power of the alien music to influence their mood and emotions- even more than the vast collection of looted treasure that had so impressed Albrect Durer when it was exhibited in Brussels seven years earlier.

The Aztec singing was in perfect harmony ,the huge flowing ensemble of dancers moved in virtually absolute synchronicity. Their visit also impressed other Europeans with the power and wealth of Spain-at the same time as impressing the priestly class of Aztecs of the futility of opposing their conquerors.

The Aztec musicians had ocarinas with them -descendants of fippled pottery whistles and vessel instruments with mouthpieces which had been developed millenia previously by the "alti-plano bird dancers"*

They became famous and were sent to perform a series of exhibitions all around Europe after they were first seen in Rome by Clement VII.

The Aztec tour made a deep impression on European musical development :To this day there is a tradition of pan-pipe ensembles in Northern Italy.

*Hypothetical autocthonous people in the development of the ocarina suggested by YJ in "Legend".


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