a traditional shape ocarina by Jésú Palazon

Other makers too,developed consorts of ocarinas in eleven different sizes for group and solo concert performance.Various tutors were published and the ocarina became an 'instrument of the people'.

In 1870 two ocarina ex- apprentices, ex-members of the Budrio ocarina ensemble, Ercole and Alberto Mezzetti began to make ocarinas in Paris.Their ocarinas won many important prizes in Paris and Edinburgh and other exhibitions.

Another maker was Luigi Silvestri. from Camisano Vicentinowho invented the double ocarina, and his ocarinas were sold all over the world.

In 1874,a journalist wrote of an ocarina concert at the Crystal Palace in "The London Daily News" that the 'Mountaineers of the Apennines' ocarina consort 'played a selection of operatic morceaux with a perfect skill and execution'.

The consort included Cesare Vicinelli, one of Budrio's famous ocarina maker/players and the brothers Ercole and Alberto Mezzetti.
Alberto settled in England giving concerts to play and promote ocarinas produced at Ercole's Paris workshop and importing his brother's products from France, published ocarina tutors to spread ocarina playing in Britain .

The first maker of ocarinas , Giuseppe Donati, won a gold medal at the Bordeaux exhibition of 1875 and later he received a diploma of honour.

He signed his ocarinas in gold.

In one of his catalogues published in Milan we find the several types of the `real ocarinas of Budrio'. in the keys" do Piccolo, Si, La, Sol, Fa, Mi, Re and Do Basso";
"ocarinas in terracotta, black ebony (deluxe with golden finish and box in china) in aluminium; and the latest types: pump ocarinas, flute ocarinas, double ocarinas (with 2 octaves), `bottle' ocarinas and three voice ocarinas".

'Donati always stated in his catalogues, stationary and letters that his ocarinas were `entirely hand-crafted' without `the aid of any machinery'.

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