Another luminary of Budrio, Emilio Cesari,was a contemporary of Chiesa.

While a student at the Bologna Conservatorio,he had worked for Cesare Vicinelli.

Cesari manufactured the `Ocarinton', an ocarina with 2 pistons to change key, invented by Canella, and a 2-octave ocarina-" Flautino".( Luigi Silvestri had originated a double ocarina, with two octaves, with a smaller ocarina inside a bigger one; the model then inspired Antonio Canella to originate a " Bi-ocarina ", made of two ocarinas, one above the other with two mouthpieces close together, and from it Emilio Cesari. developed the triple ocarina.)

He also wrote a tutor and composed several pieces for both solo and group playing. His studio was in a place near Budrio called "Le Creti" for seven years from 1920-27 when he removed (aged 39)to S.Remo via Bologna for his last performance as conductor and player of the "Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese".
He then discontinued ocarina making becoming a member of S.Remo's "Orchestre di Casino"

Luigi Avalli from Cremona (1840-1917) , created a double voice ocarinas in 'Terre' (1/3) and 'Gemelle' (1/1) that were much prized abroad, especially in Germany. He won several local prizes.

Servicemen in WW1 Europe had moulded plaster or metal ocarinas(made by H.Viehnor C. Mathieu among others) to lift their morale as much as could be expected.

Japanese sculptor Aketa began ocarina making in 1928.

In S.Remo in 1940 Cesari began to produce ocarinas again and gained distinction and recognition.

American servicemen brought bakelite (first moulded plastic) versions to Europe during the Second World War.

They were made byGretch and issued together with special military ocarina tutor books.The same ocarinas were sold by mail from Sears Roebuck after the war.

Bing Crosby used "the little ocarina song" in "The Road To Bali".

In 1963 Arrigo Mignani,who had been a member of the "Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese"got in touch with Chiesa and made a proposal for both his knowledge and his business-Chiesa had done well,he was probably ready to retire. Unfortunately,the grand old Chiesa at eighty wanted twenty million lira- a figure which stunned Mignani. Mignani eventually produced his first complete range of ocarinas a year later with tools he obtained for a mere million from the heirs of Emilio Cesari.

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