In London England, John Taylorwho had started making ocarinas in 1963 after seeing ancient pottery instruments in the British Museum, made the first "English Style" four-hole (proportionally tuned) ocarina in year of dragon 1964* .

Makers inspired often by him or his friends all round the world experimented during the 1960's and 1970's to find their individual expression in various forms of ocarina.


"There have always been special types of Ocarinas because the inventor and maker always tries to explore the possibilities of the instrument.

The best Ocarinas are those made by artisans; the original inventors and the first craftsmen have always made them exclusively by hand.

To make them one does not need any particular specialist tool but only a good musical ear, the ability to do concentrated but relaxed work consistently and to make `concert', because to craft several ocarinas perfectly in tune is full of nicities".

Guiseppe Donati

Instruments appeared invarious geometric forms and in the shape of birds,dolphins, hamadryads,** bats,turtles and dinosaurs- etcetera. Various doubles, triples, chord pipes and experimental,and an ocarina to be played by 4 people (square torus with 4 mouthpieces)***


"Wild Thing" catapaulted the ocarina of Reg Presley to fame with the "Troggs" and in 1976 Berthold Bertolucci's film opus "1900" displayed the traditional Italian ocarina sound to marvellous effect.


A huge range of unique single and multiple ocarinas made by John Taylor's circle were sold at Portobello Road and Hampstead(seasonal Sunday craft market),Camden Passage and Camden Lock Market, Petticoat Lane ,Green Park/Hyde Park (Sundays)Piccadilly (StJame's)and at many of the British festivals of the 60s and 70s and 80s by

Linda Guscott, Malcome Hawley, Flora Cormack, Michael Cardew, Paul Bandy, Barry Jennings, Judith Pertz

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and especially by John Taylor himself.

Other makers in the circle included the poet John Tungay and sax-player Lyn Dobson.

Other apostles before 1970 included an Australian (who took the craft back to Oz), anAmerican artist Susan Rawcliffe-


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[in 1969] and European travellers. Some of John's original circle continue to make ocarinas and pass on the craft to others.


In Japan ,the traditional style has grown and flourished attaining every bit as much popular appeal as in Europe and the USA and even cult status with virtuoso Sohjiro's many concerts and recordings.

Ennio Morricone's featuring of the ocarina in " The Good ,The Bad and The Ugly "-and other film scores -and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran have both exploited the ancient pure tones of this simple yet subtle instrument.


In addition,the activities of JT and friends has influenced widely in Britain,USA and in Europe the diversification of ocarina production.


*JTand BJ are born in dragon year.**Mythic creature like an owl .***This was comissioned by musician Mike Taylor.


Until about 30 years ago,ocarinas required a skilful and practised technique: but now thanks to a special tuning originated by JohnTaylor and developed variously by Barry Jennings and John Taylor, they are very easy to play and need only seven or eight holes to perform all that an eleven or twelve hole Traditional ocarina can and more (glissandos and rapid trills).

They are availiable with the "Firebird"TM"Equal Breath Voicing"TM
they have individual tones,a wide dynamic range and can be far smaller than the traditional elongated egg shape.

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