"Wind Jewel" the name for our ocarina Music information project-the origin of the name is a New World one- the spiral shape of the " Wind Jewel "is inspired by the Aztec symbol for the conch shell-one cut through to reveal the interior spiral was worn ceremonially by the priests of "The Lord of the Winds".
Complete conches were used as a trumpets in Aztec ceremonial musical ensembles.

The spiral shape can be found everywhere in Nature: the little spirals emanating from the main helix of the "Wind Jewel" Mark are reminiscent of fractals and the Fibonacci Serieswhich is a mathematical model of the proportions of a spiral,named after Fibonacci (Mathematician of Pisa circa 800 years ago)

There is also a connection to a natural series throughout the permutations of proportional fingering.
For another commentary relevant to the history of ocarina crafting:

Ocarina and other Histories:Alan Albright

A ceramic conch trumpet by John Taylor

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